CreditDash is a credit advisory company that is transforming the business model of the credit improvement industry. We have a best-in-class automated system that takes away the mystery and magic commonly associated with credit repair. We make the process easy to understand, low-cost, and easy to follow. Unlike the other guys, we keep our costs low so that you don’t get hit again when you’re already in financial dire straits. We are here for you with a proven methodology, straight talk and no bull. All at an amazingly affordable price.

The CreditDash model is simple, because the industry model is, actually, simple. The other guys may tell you they have some special sauce, some insider knowledge, or that disputes are best sent by lawyers, but under the hood, they are still using the same process because the law says that’s the process. Their extra fees and charges simply transfer the money you needed to keep in your bank account, and put it in their bank account. All that and they only give you the same results as our process does, but our automated system does it for you for hundreds or even thousands of dollars less.

All it takes is you answer questions in our friendly system, print what we help you create, mail letters via certified mail, and use our friendly reminders to follow up. That’s all there is. Really.

There’s no special sauce.
You can take control of your credit. Join us and make a better world.

We strongly believe that knowledge translates to successful decisions. We have developed an extensive educational library that provides you important facts and pointers for things you’ll need to know when working with our system. We also have helpful articles that show how to use your credit wisely to help you get ahead in life. Read up, and Take control of your credit.

We operate on a client-centric model. That means, we know you are here to fix a problem. We suspect that you might have been taken advantage of before, perhaps by a scam or by someone promising results that they never delivered. We get it. We’ve been right there. We refuse to accept that, so we give back to the community — you — by treating you fairly, helping you when you need it most, and cut the bull. You’re here to fix a problem, and we’re here to help you do that.